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Sustainability of socio-economical stress on the coastal zone

The first objective of the Integrated Coastal Zone Management (art.5 ICZM Protocol) is to facilitate, through the rational planning of activities, the sustainable development of coastal zones by ensuring that the environment and landscapes are taken into account in harmony with economic, social and cultural development.
Within the thematic area “sustainability of socio-economic stress”, several pilot actions on fishery, tourism and land development are held. All the actions aim at verifying the sustainability of the socio-economic activities insisting on the coast.

The pilot actions are the following:

- Asinara National Park and Pianosa Island tourism Carrying Capacity Assessment (Toscana and Sardegna).

- Development and exploitation of new forms of sustainable tourism in protected National areas (Emilia-Romagna)

- GIRA – Integrated fishing Ressource Management (Sardegna)

- Promotion of architectural heritage for the creation of the first eco-hostel in the coastal area for sustainable local development (Sardegna)

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