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Protection, preservation and restoration of coastal and marine habitats

To ensure preservation of the integrity of coastal ecosystems, landscapes and geomorphology is an objective of the Integrated Zone Management (art. 5  of the ICZM Protocol).
The ecosystems and biodiversity’s importance is related to their capacity to provide human beings with a variety of important “services” such as food, impollination and the recreational use of nature.
The pilot actions focused on biodiversity have the objective to preserve the ecosystem flow through the reduction and control of human pressure and the adaptation to climate change.
- Protection of the Dunes of Lacona – Elba Island (Toscana)
- Feasibility study for the use of alluvial sediments extracted from the Magra river drainage (Toscana)
- Conservation of marine and coastal biodiversity with special reference to the conservation of minor species (Emilia-Romagna)
- Education and communication for sustainability (Emilia-Romagna)

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