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Horizontal activities

Through the development of 4 horizontal activities, the Project Technical Coordination Office ensure the coherence between the different pilot actions and the ICZM Protocol

- coordination and dissemination of results
It provides coordination for all the activities, including pilot actions, ensuring the respect of the ICZM principals and the dissemination of the results achieved by the Italian regions at both national and Mediterranean level.

- Capacity Building
Aimed at improving the know-how of the different subject engaged in coastal management, this action foresee a survey on awareness level and the organization of training sessions targeted on public administration (following the prescription of art. 15 of the ICZM Protocol)

- Data collection and management
The knowledge of coastal zone – from different point of  view, environmental, economical, social and regulatory – is a crucial condition for a proper management. For this reason all the data collected have to be integrated and accessible. The horizontal activity “data collection and management” aims at harmonizing the know-how heritage on coastal management and to make it available for users – in accordance with art. 16 of the ICZM Protocol.

- Institutional coordination and Public Participation
The need to ensure cross-sectorial organized institutional coordination of the various administrative services and regional and local authorities competent in coastal zones is one of the general principle of the Integrated Coastal Zone Mangement Protocolo (art. 6). At the same time stakeholders participation in the process of plans and programs drafting is required. The action “institutional coordination and public participation” guarantees that CAMP Pilot Actions are in line with ICZM general principles.