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Sardinian Center for coastal monitoring and assessment


The activation of the Sardinian Center for Coastal Monitoring and Assessment recognizes the coordination role, between all local authorities and regional stakeholders, of the Conservatoria delle Coste to attain integrated management of coastal zones. The final aim is to assess the implementation of sustainable development policies and, at the same time, to monitor the status and evolution of integrated coastal management processes in the regional context. Using a selected set of ICZM indicators, the Center will be able to measure, analyse and process environmental, social and economic data, in order to understand the current scenario and value the effects and impacts produced by different initiatives and territorial policies.

The technological platform of the Sardinian Center for Coastal Monitoring will be designed and integrated into the Regional Environmental Information System, called SIRA. This system allows to integrate, in a single database, all environmental information and data managed separately by each institution and share them on a regional network.

The integration with the SIRA database will improve the access and management of all information regarding coastal phenomena, and will increase the possibilities to disseminate the results to various government levels and to various categories of private entities, gaining in efficiency and time. In fact, users will be able to select data from other thematic sections and combine them through a plurality of indicators, use maps, graphs, tables, reports and other useful tools in order to understand the processes of coastal evolution.

How does the activity develop in Sardinia?

The activity aims to prepare an information system that will be functional to the observation of phenomena in the marine area and specifically in the CAMP areas, and simultaneously, will help to monitor the implementation of all the activities on the coast. In order to guarantee an integrated approach of all assessments, the technical structure of the Center has to be a multidisciplinary team of professionals with expertise in ICZM planning, geology, geomorphology, marine biology, GIS and web-GIS, sociology, economics, tourism.

As part of its activities, the Center will describe the environmental status of the regional coastline focusing on the protection and valorisation of natural resources and on the socio-economic development.