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Implementation of specific activities aiming to the sustainable use of beaches and the protection of coastal zones (Sardinia)


This action is related to the needs of local governments to improve their planning, enhancement and coastal landscape management tools.

The lack of regulation related to the sustainable use of coastal areas generate improper and irresponsible uses that contribute to the degradation of the environment and especially the beach. The project fills this gap by addressing the issue of protection and reconstruction of sandy coastline through: the development of an overall management strategy for the resources’ use; the support of low-impact actions and actions that indirectly affect the system, i.e. reducing the effects of human pressure; the activation of local governance, participatory processes and good practice.

How does the activity develop in Sardinia?

This activity implements an administrative procedure started in 2010, through a tender notice addressed to select proposals for integrated management strategies that would best  preserve and re qualify the natural resources and environmental systems of the beach. The notice was addressed to the 22 coastal municipalities and local authorities of the CAMP area, and allowed to choose the best projects submitted.

The specific objectives of this action are:

  • operationally develop the concepts of relocation and reduction of anthropogenic load;
  • activate, through beach planning and management, a new and balanced distribution of functions and use of space;
  • introduce physical elements for the protection and rehabilitation of environmental components;
  • implement accessibility systems consciously designed and access regulation based on carrying capacity;
  • increase the level of participation and environmental responsibility of operators and users of the beaches to encourage sustainable behaviour;
  • develop knowledge on integrated coastal zone management and beach ecosystems protection at the municipality level.

All projects are accompanied by monitoring activities to verify whether the actual operation of the works that the effectiveness of the strategies implemented.