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Education and Communication (Emilia Romagna)


Environmental conservation and sustainable tourism are now a priority for all countries of the Mediterranean basin and their importance has been highlighted by the European Union through several measures, policies and intervention programs. There are, in fact, a number of European projects that involve citizen science, which is a great chance to obtain a lot of useful data and an education and communication to environmental sustainability. To get the right level of communication and environmental education it is important to enable the transfer of qualified information about episodes such as ecological diseases, such as eutrophication, mucilage, weed, presence of jellyfish, drops in fish stocks, and so on. This principle has already been exploited in the past, on occasions of particular emergencies, and gave excellent results. A proper and effective communication about issues related to complex ecological and natural systems can result only from quality sources.

Following a thorough Stakeholder Analysis, it is possible to identify the best channels for a good dissemination and communication at various levels to different groups of interest. The diffusion of environmental management systems can be enhanced by the synergy between existing businesses, institutional traders and trade associations. Choosing to improve the use of environmental management tools, such as communication tools, implies a marked improvement in the relationship with the authorities and stakeholders, as well as an improvement in the awareness and environmental sensitivity of public opinion.

How does the activity develop in Emilia Romagna?

 The objective of this activity is thus to define an effective communication strategy for coastal management and environmental  issues, constructed with the following methodological approach:

a)            identification and characterization of the stakeholders (who?)

b)           identification of the communication objectives among the various stakeholders (why?)

c)            definition of the contents of the communication on sustainability issues (what?)

d)           planning of a communication plan (how?)