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03/21/2016 - Actions and Tools for Coastal Management – CAMP Italy Project Mid-Term Conference
On March, 21 the conference “Actions and Tools for Coastal Management” will take place in Bologna – Cappella Farnese (in Piazza Maggiore) . Organized by the CAMP Italy Project along with UNEP MAP, the Italian Ministry for the Environment, Land and Sea and the partner Regions (Emilia-Romagna, Sardinia-Conservatoria delle coste and Tuscany), the conference will be an opportunity to present the integrated coastal management tools developed by the Project.
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01/20/2016 - Join CAMPItaly - The CAMP Italy project promotes the debate on Integrated Coastal Zone Management.
In January the Join CAMP Italy platform has been launched: an on-line place for public debate and participation on coastal management where experts, professionals and local administrators can meet chosing their topic and debate with colleagues.
12/16/2015 - Reticula - Periodical on evironmental issues entirely dedicate to integrated spatial planning in coastal areas
ISPRA - the italian national agency for environmental protection - has published a monograph on Integrated planning of marine and coastal zone in order to promote a debate on this issue.
16/11/2015 CAMP Italy meets Great Med project at the capitalisation workshop
26/01/2015 - XII Meeting of "Tavolo CAMP"
The twelfth meeting of the Tavolo CAMP took place in Rome on 20 January 2015, at the headquarters of the Project. The meeting was attended by the National Coordinator and institutional and scientific representatives of the Ministry of the Environment, Land and Sea and the partner Regions.
26/10/2015 - Massive Online Open Course on Marine Litter
UNEP organises the first Massive Open Online Course on Marine Litter
12/11/2014 - Kick-off meeting of CAMP Italy Project
Last 12 November 2014, the Inception Conference of CAMP Italy Project, was held in the city of Alghero, hosted on the premises of the Regional Park of Porto Conte, the conference presentation and initiation (Inception Conference) Project CAMP Italy.
18/12/2014 - CAMP Montenegro: a successful end
Italy has recently formally launched its CAMP Italy Project CAMP (Inception Conference, Alghero - November 12, 2014) while another nation, part of the Barcelona Convention, successfully completed this Mediterranean experience: Montenegro.
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30/10/2014 - Mediterranean bassin: a fresh start for CAMP Italy Project and integrated coastal zone management
Alghero, Italy, regional park of Porto Conte, 12 November 2014, 11:30 am.
25/09/2014 - Coast Day
This year the Mediterranean Coast Day was celebrated on September 25 at Gammarth, Tunisia, with focus on climate variability and change. Unusually for this time of the year, it was raining. Was it a sign of Climate Change? Whatever the answer, it was indeed “a good climate for change"!