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12/11/2014 - Kick-off meeting of CAMP Italy Project

Last 12 November 2014, the Inception Conference of CAMP Italy Project, was held in the city of Alghero, hosted on the premises of the Regional Park of Porto Conte, the conference presentation and initiation (Inception Conference) Project CAMP Italy.

The Conference represented a dynamic moment of exchange between the main participants to the Project: representatives of the Ministry of the Environment and the three Italian Regions partners, Emilia-Romagna, Tuscany and Sardinia, components of the MAP system (PAP/RAC and INFO/RAC) and representatives of local Authorities and Institutions.

The Conference has been an opportunity to present in detail CAMP Italy Project, its structure, goals and expected results, together with the many activities. The Project is fundamental for representing a valuable contribution at national and international levels, seeking to find common solutions to the increasing problems associated with different risk factors and anthropogenic pressures that insist on marine-coastal area.

The morning session has been chaired by the Coordinator of UNEP/MAP, Mr. Gaetano Leone, who has emphasized the importance of the CAMP Programme throughout the Mediterranean basin. In fact, the role of CAMP is of fundamental importance for the implementation of the Barcelona Convention and its Protocols, in particular the ICZM Protocol. An important moment of participation and exchange of experiences has been the telematic connection with National Coordinators of other CAMP Projects: Montenegro, Morocco, Slovenia and Spain.

The afternoon session, chaired by the National Coordinator of CAMP Italy Project, Ms. Daniela Addis, has been the occasion of echange between the INFO/RAC and the partners of the Italian Regions involved, who presented both Horizontal Activities, including coordination and dissemination of results, collection and data management, institutional coordination and public participation and capacity building actions; both the Individual Activities, specific of the five areas of the Project.

CAMP Italy Project is an ambitious project aiming at strengthening the Network with other CAMP Projects, while also providing with an excellent opportunity the UNEP/MAP system by working closely for common objectives.

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