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Autonomous Region of Sardinia- Coastal Conservatory Agency



The Autonomous Region of Sardinia (ARS) is a partner of CAMP Italy Project, focal point for the Horizontal Activity 4 "Institutional coordination and public participation" and responsible for the Individual Activities in CAMP areas 3 and 4 (the coastal area between Cape Li Canneddi in the North and Capo Galera in the South, including the Isola Piana and the Asinara Island and the coastal area between Torre Pittinuri, the Blue Grotto and the facing islands).
The body responsible for managing the activities of CAMP Italy Project is the Coastal Conservatory Agency which has the specific role of ensuring the action of coastal protection through planning and regulation activities, carrying out tasks of integrated management of coastal areas of particular landscaping and environmental relevance, whether regional areas or zone made available by public or private entities assuming the quality of coastal conservation areas.
The Institutional Coordinator of CAMP Italy Project  is Mr. Giorgio Onorato Cicalò (Special Commissioner of the Coastal Conservatory Agency).